Index Fund Investing 101

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Are you a complete beginner to the stock market, and have no idea where to begin?

Does the idea of trying to pick individual stocks absolutely terrify you?

Have you lost a lot of money trading stocks, and want to build an easy long-term portfolio that is actually profitable over time?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then this book is exactly for you!

In , you will learn about:

• What a stock market index is

• What an index fund is

• Index funds vs. ETFs

• Types of index funds

• 95 year historical annual return of the S&P 500

• Types of investment accounts (retirement vs. regular brokerage)

• Roth vs. Traditional retirement accounts

• Value of time in the market

• True cost of fees on your portfolio

• Compound Interest

• Target Date Retirement Funds

• Dave Ramsey Portfolio

• David Swensen Portfolio

• 3-Fund Portfolio

• Portfolio Rebalancing

• The 4% Rule

And I will also reveal my personal favorite investing books, if you wish to expand your knowledge even more!

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Index Fund Investing 101

179 ratings
I want this!