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Wealth Dad Coaching Program Pre-Launch (33% OFF) Sale

Good morning wealth builders!

I need to admit something…

Early on in my journey in creating “The Wealth Dad”, I had no intentions of doing individualized personal finance coaching. All I wanted to do was share my journey, with the hopes that my story and experiences would inspire others to do better with their money.

Eventually, that expanded into creating my e-books (which you have read 1 or both) for those who wanted to dive deeper into investing for themselves and their family.

During this entire process, I’ve had hundreds of followers reach out to me on social media asking if/when I would open up a more personalized coaching service. Until now, I politely turned down these requests as I didn’t want to do it unless I had the time to commit 100% to every potential student.

After careful planning and talks with my wife (get yourself a good spouse if you’re trying to build wealth because they make wealth building 10x easier) I am excited to announce that I will finally be opening up my own personal financial coaching program!

Wealth Dad University Coaching Program

This personal finance coaching will be a 6-month individual (and group) program for those who are sick and tired of being stressed out with their money, and want to get on a path where they are finally confident in managing their own finances and get excited about their financial future!

Not only will you get 24/7 direct access to me (except for the 6 hours I’m on and off sleeping at night while my toddlers figure out their sleep schedules :)) for 6 months, but you will also receive a BONUS 1-on-1 tax planning session with my own personal CPA!

Also included in the program will be:

  • Personalized roadmap: 1-on-1 onboarding call to plan your roadmap towards financial independence
  • Financial Tools & Videos: All the resources you’ll need to feel confident managing your money
  • Coaching: I will actively coach you for 6 months (24/7 direct access to me)
  • Classroom: Weekly group coaching calls with myself, CPA, and real-world millionaires with live Q/A at the end
  • Content Library: All previous classes & millionaire interviews (with Q/As) saved in our content library
  • Community: Likeminded individuals with similar financial goals who are actively encouraging each other
  • Accountability: You will be held responsible for your goals with weekly check-ins

It should be obvious by now that this is NOT a free program. With the amount of time and dedication I am putting into this program and its students, I (and my CPA) am only going to partner with individuals who are truly serious about turning their finances around.

Fortunately for those truly interested, I am running a small pre-launch sale!

1st 10 Students Who Enroll Will Get In @ 33% OFF

Just from the value you’ll be getting from the 1-on-1 tax planning session with my CPA, the 33% off sale price almost seems criminal to me (he’s personally saved me tens of thousands of dollars), and it wouldn’t surprise me if each of the first 10 students gets all their money back just in that session alone.

After the first 10 students enroll, the price will immediately increase back up to its standard price.

Now ask yourself this...

Are you done getting your ass kicked with money?

Are you tired of not being able to sleep because you’re worried about money?

Are you done being stressed every day about if you’ll actually be able to retire?

Are you ready to finally commit and turn your financial life around?

If you answered “yes” to any (or all) of those questions, book a call with me (below) to see how we can turn your financial world around!



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How much is the cost!

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House of Carrd

Just DMed you on Twitter Sean :)

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Hope more slots become available to get on your schedule for a consultation

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Hey Sean, sent you a message on IG!

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